Primary 5b

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An Outing to The National Gallery


Our class visited The National Gallery of Scotland and learned about how we perceive Scottish identity. We evaluated Scottish works of art from many sources and created our very own “Animated Scotland” movie which we showed to the monarch of the glen!



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Primary 5 completed a maths topic on place value of numbers up to billions! We learned how each column in a large number has a different value and how to partition them. We were then able to write numbers in extended forms and order numbers successfully.

Can can you work out how much these number sequences change by?

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Here is an online maths game to practise place value maths skills-

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Finding Lost Words…



Along with every other school in Scotland we have been given a very special book called “The Lost Words”.


We enjoyed and explored the beautiful poetry spells and art on each and every page. After collecting some little pieces of nature to explore, we wrote our own wonderful spells…Enjoy!



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Primary 5 Classroom Designs!


We designed our own classroom this session. Working in teams we brainstormed, mind mapped, sketched and presented our creative ideas.

We now have our very own resources and layout in our room and we can enjoy lots of  independent learning opportunities every day!

Here are our classroom reading, art, maths, science and geography personal study areas we have created.